5.  Third Generation Sire and Dam

First Generation Bull:

WNH DMPH Optimum 9531

EPD 7.6 43 71 0.4 25 47
ACC .63 .49 .29 .05 .15
RANK 90% 20% 20% 50% 5% 4%

9531 is the only animal in this pedigree that was not the top indexing calf in his or her respective calf crops.  9531 was second highest indexing bull in his contemporary group.  9531 is a moderate framed bull with a nearly perfect phenotype and nearly perfect markings, with pigmented eyes and scrotum.  He was Reserve Intermediate Champion at the 74th National and has been siring some of the most attractive calves produced anywhere.  He has a great topline with a lot of thickness and muscle.  He is co-owned with Dennis and Marie Bohanon.

9531 sired a class winner at the 1998 Junior National for Dennis Bohanon.  With more use, we expect his birth weight EPD to come down some, which is his only weakness.  Our two linebred calves - 9833 and 9834 - both appear to have fallen on the lower end of his birth weight curve, as they weighed 82 and 94 respectively.


First Generation Female:

WNH Ross Optima 9501 (the calf in this photo)

EPD 5.5 55 94 0.4 25 52
ACC .41 .28 .15 .11 .20
RANK 85% 1% 1% 35% 5% 1%

9501, like her dam before her, had the highest weaning weight for a 1995 heifer.  She was second in class at Denver, and her first calf at 6 months of age was in the top 5 at the Junior Nationals.  9501 is a thick, large volume, high growth and very heavy milking female.  As a calf she was sold to Ross Walker of Tennessee.  Ross agreed to allow us to flush her for the purpose of completing our breeding plan.  We are grateful for his cooperation and generosity.  9501' s  second calf was a bull by Lonestar David 294 ET.  9501 was recently purchased from Ross Walker by Caldwell Hereford Ranch.

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