4.  Second Generation Sires and Dams

Second Generation Sires:

 WNH Optimum 9230 ET
EPD 5.6 38 64 0.4 26 45
ACC .72 .67 .53 .41 .54
RANK 75% 35% 35% 50% 4% 5%

 WNH Optimum 9324
EPD 5.7 53 95 0.1 31 57
ACC .83 .76 .62 .49 .50
RANK 75% 4% 2% 85% 1% 1%
 9230 and 9324 both had the highest adjusted weaning weights in their respective calf crops.  Coming from cows that have both been over +40 for milk, 9230 and 9324 rank among the top bulls in the breed for Milk. They both are at the very pinnacle of the breed for Milk and Growth while still maintaining a moderate birthwieght EPD.  9324’s combination of BW, YW and Milk EPDs is a real genetic rarity.  9324 had the highest combined visual and objective score ever recorded in the Denver Pen Show.


Second Generation Females:

Miss Optimum 9231
EPD 6.5 49 79 0.3 24 48
ACC .49 .41 .36 .26 .45
RANK 90% 1% 2% 55% 5% 2%

WNH Optima 9312
EPD 4.7 50 82 0.5 19 44
ACC .50 .40 .14 .05 .45
RANK 75% 1% 1% 25% 15% 4%
 9231 and 9312 were both the top indexing heifers in their respective calf crops.  They have both enjoyed excellent show careers, both as heifers and as cows.

9231 was the first Genetic Focus National Champion Heifer.  She came back to the 72nd National as a two-year-old with her first calf and was second in a class of 8 cow/calf pairs.  Her first calf was Spring Calf Champion at the second Genetic Focus National, and her second calf was Reserve Intermediate Champion at the 74th National at Ft. Worth.  She was sent to Trans Ova for flushing but she broke her back there and they had to put her down.  Her last calf, 9710, was Reserve Yearling Champion at the Oregon State Fair the only time she was shown.

9312 had the highest weaning weight for a heifer in the history of our herd through 1995.  She was a class winner at the first Genetic Focus National but was not allowed to show after that because of tiny bits of horny tissue  - a ridiculous rule at the time.  With her first calf, 9501, 9312 was Grand Champion Champion Cow/calf at the California State Fair SOP Show and at the American Royal.  She is an extremely long- and deep-bodied cow.

9312’s second calf, Power Play, was Junior Bull Calf Champion at fourth Genetic Focus National, weighed over 2100 lbs at 21 months of age, and is now a herdsire for Molino Nuevo in Argentina.  Reports are that Power Play is rapidly becoming the most famous and most used bull in Argentina.  Though he produces about 300 straws per collection, they tell us that it is not enough to keep up with demand.  Power Play is in our semen sales catalog and is also enrolled in the AHA Carcass Testing Program.  9312 is now a donor dam for NS Polled Herefords of Mason, Ohio.

All of 9312's calves have placed in the top three at the National and many have been Champions.  Her 1997  heifer was Grand Champion at the Eastern National in 1998.  At Denver in 1999, her 97 heifer was third in class to the Grand Champion Heifer, and her 98 heifer calf was second in class to the Reserve Grand Champion Heifer.  She is an Optimum daughter that is nearly as good as 9401.

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