The Families Behind Witherspoons' Nizhoni Herefords

David is the second son of Gary and Nellie.  He is seen here with his wife Betsy and daughters Reed Witherspoon (standing) and Ella Ekstedt (in arms)

David and his family live in Great Falls, Montana.  David works at Central Printing as a computer operator and also owns and operates Central Web Design out of his home.  Betsy works in Quality Assurance at the Red Cross blood center in town. The family also enjoys visiting grandpa on the ranch and helping with the cattle.


Our oldest daughter Reed would like to welcome you to our page. This is a picture of her at school; she just started the 3rd grade this year and enjoys it very much.

Ella turned two the day before Halloween.
Here she is going trick-or-treating for the first time
with her dad and sister.  (She is the tigger.)

Here are some shots from our Thanksgiving (2000) trip to Washington to visit Grandma and Grandpa Witherspoon.  The girls consider Puyallup the 'big city' and had a great time with grandma checking out the Christma decorations and visiting Santa at the mall.

On Memorial Day weekend, 2000, David, Betsy, Reed and Ella visited David's grandfather and Reed and Ella's great grandfather at Baltimore, Ohio.

David and family's visit was hosted by David's cousin Rhonda and her family at their new home in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.  Rhonda is shown here with the Ohio State Buckeye shirt and with her husband, Phillip, to her left and their two daughters, Alison and Kristin, who are second cousins to Reed and Ella.  Also shown at left is Carol Morehart who is David's cousin.