The Families Behind Witherspoons' Nizhoni Herefords

Gary and Children

This photo was taken at the Utah Polled Hereford Ass. Sale where WNH purchased their first herd bull, Justamere 115G.

25 Years Later in 1999

Gary & Nellie and their four Sons and one Daughter
From left to right:
Gary Jr., David, Gary Sr., Johnny, Nellie, Dwight, Deanna

Gary, Sr. and Nellie, along with their four sons and one daughter, started Witherspoons' Nizhoni Herefords in 1975 at Ignacio, Colorado.  Before that they had a commercial herd of Herefords at Mills, Utah.  All of our their five children have contributed and still contribute significantly to the ranch effort, as it was a focus of family activity while the children were growing up, and it still remains a focus of family activity.  Most of the children return home in the middle of the summer for branding and other activities.  Some help at other times as well.  DeAnna has kept most of the financial records for the last few years, and David has created and maintains the WNH web site.  Dwight has returned frequently to help with the cattle, halter break and develop the show cattle, and has represented the herd at national shows and events.  Dwight has also taken much of the video that is used in the herd video.  Johnny has used his construction skills to keep the buildings and facilities in good repair.

WNH Families on July 4, 1999 at Eatonville Ranch

It is a special time for these grandchildren to be able to come to the farm, explore a world removed from concrete and dead wood, and connect with the life and legacy of their parents and grandparents.  Here they are exposed to life and death, birth and reproduction, intimacy with animals and plants, and the tangible results of work, cooperation and kindness.

The photo above was taken in July, 1999 when five of the WNH families joined together in working on and improving the farm, branding, vaccinating and tattooing the calves,  putting a new roof on the machine shed, fixing the corrals and gates, halter breaking the calves, playing games, taking photographs and video, fishing and celebrating the fourth of July with some spectacular and some not so spectacular but still fun fireworks.